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Sports, Athletics and more..WHAT WE DO

We believe that participation in high quality PE and Sport is valuable in its own right because of the specific educational outcomes and the personal, social and health benefits. 

It is also a very effective means of engaging young people in their broader learning, by raising aspirations, providing motivation and promoting behaviours that lead to higher levels of attainment across the full range of school subjects.

Because of this, we believe that every child in Sheffield deserves equal access to high quality PE & Sport in learning environments and programmes that are inclusive, safe, challenging, progressive and enjoyable. These opportunities should be embedded in the school curriculum, and/or be available as Out of School Hours provision and in the community.

We believe that these opportunities should:

 Have a clear educational value

 Be inclusive and easily accessible to all children

 Encourage aspiration and achievement

 Inspire and motivate

 Provide a varied menu of activities

 Value participation regardless of ability

 Encourage and support progression to higher levels of performance as appropriate

 Provide opportunities for competition at various levels

 Encourage positive personal and social values such as team work and self esteem

 Promote responsibility as a citizen and develop leadership


Our core values are:

 Learning for All






 Achievement for All

 Team Work

 Self Esteem



 Quality Assurance

We expect that many of these opportunities would be delivered by teachers and other adults working on a regular basis in a school, but recognise that to offer a broad range of activities, the services of external providers will need to be contracted. We at Forge SSP will ensure that our provision is of an extremely high quality and that members of staff are qualified to the suitable standards.

 In order that these external providers achieve the goals outlined above they will need to:

 Work within the context of the core principles and values adopted by the school

 Guarantee minimum standards of delivery in safe and appropriate environments

 Have staff that are suitably qualified and verified to work with children

 Have developed quality assurance processes

 Work in partnership to provide the best possible service

 Provide value for money

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